Meet The Servant Team

Carmen Annevelink


Carmen is a third-year dual title PhD candidate in Nutritional Sciences and Clinical and Translational Science studying lipid signaling and trafficking in disease progression and prevention, specifically heart disease. Carmen grew up and went to undergrad in northern California, so it was a big, cross country move to State College, but she has loved being here and being involved in PSCG since the beginning of her time at Penn State. Specifically, she enjoys meeting other graduate students across departments and enjoying all life has to offer during graduate school! Carmen also loves to play sports, go on hikes, and eat good food – ask her about any of these things! Carmen is also involved at her church, State College Alliance, where she loves to help out with the youth ministry.

Myles Arrington

Myles is a third-year graduate student in Developmental Psychology working with Dr. Suzy Scherf and Dr. Dawn Witherspoon. His interests lie in understanding individual differences in facial processing behavior, including how face processing abilities intersect with the development and maintenance of relationships, and how face processing might be shaped by ethnic-racial socialization and identity. Myles was involved in undergraduate Cru at University of Maryland and has been a part of PSCG since he came to Penn State in 2019. Myles is grateful to be a part of Servant Team and looking forward to serving God, the PSCG community, and the campus at large!

Jonathan Broyles

Jonathan M. Broyles is a PhD candidate in the Architectural Engineering Department at the Pennsylvania State University. His research expertise combines his passions of structural engineering and architectural acoustics, as well as architectural and computational design. In addition to his academic goals, Jonathan has been an active member of the Penn State Christian Grads (PSCG) organization since stepping on to campus in the fall of 2018. He has had the honor to serve as the worship leader, lead a small group Bible study, and participate on the Servant Team. Two fun facts are that Jonathan loves to play percussion (everything from cowbell to drumset) and make tacos for his friends!

Kayla Kemp

Hey, y’all! My name is Kayla Kemp, and I’m a PhD student in Sociology studying the relationship between race and school choice in the Southern US. I’m originally from Texas (don’t worry, I won’t let you forget!), and I graduated from Baylor University before coming to Penn State. After moving across the country for the first time in my life, I was so thankful to find a friendly and supportive community in PSCG. As a part of the Servant Team, I love finding ways to help us grow closer to God and each other, and I love connecting with new people, so please feel free to reach out!

Lauren Trepanier Broyles

Lauren is a Ph.D. Candidate in Civil Engineering at Penn State Engineering with a research focus in Water Resources and Household Water Insecurity. Lauren loves pursuing her degree to be able to minister to others worldwide with clean drinking water. Lauren has had previous internships and work experience with New International in Kenya, Zambia, and Zimbabwe and hopes her degree will allow her to continue to address clean drinking water needs at the household level in various global settings. With PSCG, Lauren has participated in small groups, served with worship, and now also serves on Servant Team. In addition to her research, Lauren loves kayaking, cooking, and dance parties!