Meet The Servant Team




Hey there! My name is Nina Camillone and I am a Soil Science PhD student with a dual title in International Agriculture and Development. I’m originally from eastern Long Island, NY, and I got my Bachelor’s at Wheaton College outside Chicago. Before coming to Penn State, I also lived abroad doing research and service work around agriculture and community development, which are things I want to be engaged with long-term. Outside of academics, I enjoy making/listening to music, playing soccer, and spending time with friends. I love being a part of PSCG because it gives us the chance to get to know students from many different departments and explore together the deeper purpose God has for our lives. We’d love to have you join us, so come by on a Thursday night and check it out!


Jake Sorber

Hello everyone! My name is Jake and I am super excited to serve on the PSCG Servant Team this year! I am taking up the role of Emcee for the PSCG weekly meetings and I am stoked to be used by God in this area. I am currently employed by the University as a part-time researcher in the Meteorology department and will be starting Grad School in the fall of 2019. A little about me: I love to hunt, fish, and do any outdoor activities, I also love to play sports, of which soccer is my favorite. My faith in Jesus defines who I am and I consider it His grace that I am surrounded by a group of people in PSCG who know this to be true and who push me to grow closer to Him each day.


William Noland


Hello! My name is William, and I’m a second-year PhD student in Mathematics, studying arithmetic geometry. When I’m not doing math I enjoy running marathons and watching sports, but most importantly giving praise to God, as a member of Resurrection OPC here in State College, and of course with PSCG. I cannot thank God enough for His constant presence in my life, and I’m especially grateful that I was led to this group early in my time at grad school. PSCG has been a tremendously positive influence on my time here at Penn State, and I’m glad to give back, particularly in my role of developing new outreach ideas as we look to offer all grad students on campus the chance to enjoy Christian fellowship with their peers.


Jomara Sandbulte


Hi, I am Jomara Sandbulte and I am very excited to be part of the PSCG servant team! In my first year as a PhD Student, I joined PSCG and I have had the most positive and encouraging experience in this group. I have met amazing people, developed wonderful friendships, and learned so much about God and reaching our community for Christ. More importantly, I have been encouraged to grow in my faith and relationship with God. As a member of the servant team, my area of focus is ” Printed Communications and Promotional Materials” which aims to effectively and creatively produce and deliver printed promotional materials to those already involved with PSCG and to those not currently involved with our movement. At Penn State, I am a 4th-year PhD in Information Sciences and Technology (IST) working at the Human-Computer Interaction lab, focusing my research on Health Informatics. I am originally from Brazil and I love coffee and good food! Looking forward to meeting and welcoming you into our group.


Jade Sandbulte


Hello and welcome to PSCG! My name is Jade Sandbulte, and I’m a 4th-year PhD student in Applied Linguistics. Before coming to State College I lived in Minnesota and North Dakota. I’ve been attending PSCG since my first semester at Penn State and have enjoyed the opportunity to meet grad students and scholars from many different fields and worshiping God together. I’ve really enjoyed our Thursday evening worship meetings, Missional Community groups, and our retreats. Currently, I help organize events for PSCG, so if you have anything fun you would like to do as a group, please let me know!