Meet The Servant Team

Aubrey Daniels

Hello! My name is Aubrey and I am a 3rd year PhD candidate in the Counselor Education and Supervision program! I’ve been apart of PSCG during my entire time as a graduate student at Penn State and have made some strong friendships as a result, some that will be lifelong for sure! I encourage you to become an active part of this community to have as great of an experience as I have. Some fun facts about me: I am teaching myself the ukulele, I love sports (have played basketball, volleyball, lacrosse and others), and I enjoy yoga! Romans 12:12 and Philippians 4:13 are two of my (many) favorite verses. Well, that’s all about me. See you on Thursday night!

Hi, my name is Ben Sheng, and I am excited to serve on the PSCG Servant Team for one last semester. I am a 5th year PhD Student in the Statistics Department at Penn State. My current research focuses on Small Area Estimation which may include spatiotemporal component, especially applied to HIV prevalence/incidence estimation across space, time, and demographic groups. I have been in PSCG since my 1st year at Penn State, and it has been a meaningful part of my grad school experience. I have made great friends here, and I have grown spiritually and emotionally. My academic interests include mathematics, healthcare, and infectious diseases. Outside of school, I am interested in traveling, eating, listening to music, singing karaoke, watching movies, going to the gym, running, playing/watching sports, and playing board games. I look forward to meeting you.

Jade Sandbulte

Hello and welcome to PSCG! My name is Jade Sandbulte, and I’m a 4th-year PhD student in Applied Linguistics. Before coming to State College I lived in Minnesota and North Dakota. I’ve been attending PSCG since my first semester at Penn State and have enjoyed the opportunity to meet grad students and scholars from many different fields and worshiping God together. I’ve really enjoyed our Thursday evening worship meetings, Missional Community groups, and our retreats. Currently, I help organize events for PSCG, so if you have anything fun you would like to do as a group, please let me know!

Jomara Sandbulte

Hi, I am Jomara Sandbulte and very excited to be part of the PSCG servant team! In my first year as a PhD Student, I joined PSCG and I have had the most positive and encouraging experience in this group. I have met amazing people, developed wonderful friendships, and learned so much about God and reaching our community for Christ. More importantly, I have been encouraged to grow in my faith and relationship with God. As a member of the servant team, I am specifically dedicated to the “Have His Heart” project which aims to present and engage our group on missions and outreach activities opportunities. At Penn State, I am a 4th-year PhD in Information Sciences and Technology (IST) working on Health Informatics. I am originally from Brazil and I love coffee and good food! Looking forward to meeting and welcoming you into our group

Lydia Hardie

I am a postdoc in the department of Animal Science at Penn State studying the genetics of health in organic dairy cows. I am a lifelong Catholic from Wisconsin, but didn’t really embrace Christianity until a Master’s student at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. My main duty as part of the PSCG servant team is sending out the weekly email. When not enjoying the company of the kind and generous members of PSCG, I am often at home in WI helping out on my family’s farm or rock climbing.