Missional Communities

Meeting Throughout The Week

Imagine being part of a group of grad students where you connect deeply with one another, grow in your walk with God, and together help bring the gospel within arm’s reach of every one of your colleagues and/or circle of friends. Groups like that are being launched all over campus. We call them missional communities.

Missional communities are our expressions of life groups, or small groups, within PSCG. They are essentially “life groups plus”. They have the familiar components and characteristics of typical life groups (Bible study, prayer, fellowship), but they also have a strong missional, or ministry, component.

That is, a missional community is a small group of friends where you grow in your relationship with God and help others in the group do the same. And a missional community is also a small group of friends that helps you develop the heart and ability to team up with others to reach out and minister to your friends.

For more information, please contact Alex Verseput (alex.verseput@cru.org).